freddie – 19

yesterday was the birthday of my husband, and my game was only kind of ready. that is, i had the first levels running smoothly, but there is a bug, i not could track down yet, which prevents a level change at a higher level. so, as it is now, the game stops at this point. it does not crash, but one cannot do anything, as freddie is not showing up anymore 😦 … maybe he is gone into holiday after the stress …lol… but, my husband said he would like see it and try it a little anyway, and then wait for me to bring it to final… so, i compiled a version for him, and let him play. and, he loved the idea 🙂 ..but he also found two other bugs, that never showed up when i tested it …lol… and he already had a wish for me to include 😉 … so, i will work these issues, otherwise it is complete… and when it runs smoothly, which i hope is soon, i will share here too, as promised. to shorten the waiting time, here is a little teaser, the game intro screen, as a screen shot from within the game:



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