freddie – 14

time to share some info on how the game progresses… the last days were difficult, as i was not happy with the game control, and not happy with the camera movement. you know, the camera movement i had in my first game, for that i used a script provided by unity, and it had its squirks in my game. this time, i want to script my camera movement myself, to get a perfect camera 🙂 …. nice idea, but i found it is quite hard. this took me sometime, but now i have found a way to make it look nice 🙂 … you will see this only in the finished game, so please be patient with that… 😉

but, i want to show how the creation of level 3 goes on, so i made a work in progress screenshot from unity 🙂 … this is essentially how i want level 3, but it still needs some tweaking here and there …


creating the levels themselves is big fun 🙂 … i hope it makes you curious of how the game will be in the end…


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