freddie – 13

today, i worked on more animations for freddie, here is an opengl render in blender of the idle animation:


it does not look as pretty as a render with cycles, but only took 2 seconds to render the whole animation:-)

i made also sidesteppings and jump animations, and imported all to unity. then i created the statemachine for the animator, it looks kind of neat, i think 🙂
oh, btw, i made three types of ladders, where the steps have different heights. and since i wanted that freddie properly climbs up each laddertype, with his feet on the steps as needed, i made 3 different animations for these climbing the ladders 🙂


all the arrows carry boolean statements, which i then used to script what freddie does when the user hits certain keys. now freddie can do everything i want him be able to do 🙂 (… or rather, i still do have a pretty advanced idea, but i do that only later, if i have still the urge to get it in, since it is not essential for the game, only a fun addition … )


2 thoughts on “freddie – 13

  1. That looks nice; it kind of looks like he is doing a little dance when the animation is looping like that, just needs a little flute to play 🙂 That environment is looking pretty nice as well. It really is fun all the things you start being able to make after learning all the basic stuff, kind of limitless.

    • haha, nice idea with the flute! i write this down, on the list of things i could do additionally (wehn the game is essentially ready) 🙂 thanks,john … well, in the moment, it is still big learning, but yes, it is really enjoyable to see what i can do already 🙂

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