sculpting fun – a short break from the game making

ah, the other day, i visited one of the blogs i frequently visit, and saw this wonderful drawing by jacob. it inspired me so much, that i just had(!) to sculpt it πŸ™‚ so, i made today holiday from the gamemaking, and instead had 4.5 hours sculpting heaven. it is still wip, meaning the meshes are all dynamesh, and need me remeshed so that i can paint (maybe) and render it propoerly in cycles πŸ™‚


of course, i had to invent the back, but i tried to make it to match the front… i hope you like πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “sculpting fun – a short break from the game making

  1. This is stunning! I am completely in awe, especially to think you did this in less time than I take to do most of my drawings. I think you should go onto the reddit post and show them this – I think they’d be amazed!

    • thank you jacob. but this sculpt is still what the first underlying drawing would be you do for your drawings, the construction lines, the fixing of proportions etc. now, it needs be cleaned up, to lift it to the height of your beautiful drawing πŸ™‚ … oh, no, i don’t want to share it at reddit. i did not really tried to do a portrait, my face is completely different, so i think it does not fit. thanks for the kind thought though.

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