freddie – 09

before i start this blogpost, i want to thank mustakettu and john for their big support on my game project 🙂 your recent comments really helped me to get over the frustration with blender that grew each day stronger and started to kill the joy for my game. but, today i have back the positive excitement for my game, i need so much for driving me to get through to the end. all my projects live from this inner drive, when it gets lost while working on a project, the project is lost. with this drive, and joy, i can endure a lot of difficulties and push through, but when it fades away from constant frustration of not understanding what is happening a project is on risk to die…. so, that you both jumped in with comments, really helped me, to find back this drive, so my big thank you to you both!

and now i want share what i did tody 🙂

first, i did finetune the walkcycle for freddie, as suggested by john. i changed the spine movement by a few degrees, it is subtle in result, but i really like it better. so, here is this, as i said, it is subtle:


and then i did a new animation. freddie needs to climb up and down ladders. this is the first animation i did, where i used the graph editor to finetune the animation. this was really fun 🙂 … here is how he does climbing up:


there is one extreme pose, where the volume of freddie is lost a little, but for the moment i leave it like that. since i believe i would have to correct this by shapekeys, and this is another feature of blender which i have never used so far. so, either it will stay like this, or i learn shapekeys when i am well in the game, and can tolerate a new round of frustration 😉 … anyway, i hope you enjoy these…


3 thoughts on “freddie – 09

  1. You’re very welcome! Software quirks can be very very frustrating…
    The climbing animation is so cool, the way he shifts his weight to stand up at the top part is very convincing! Did it take long to finetune?

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