freddie – 08

me, and animating in blender… sigh, this is still not a love affair 😉 … blender still does the copy x-fliped pose wonkyness from time to time, even though all rolls of the bones are zero… the odd thing is, if i simply ignore the wonky pose, save the file and quit blender, then restart blender and reopen the file, the pose is correct!… now what a beautiful workflow is that???

the other thing i have trouble with, is the 1000’s of shortcut keys in blender, where you need press several keyes at once: for example, if i want switch from, say right view to left view, i need to press ctrl+ the numpad 3. well, i cannot reach with my right hand the numpad 3 and the (right) ctrl key on the keyboard, my hand is too small for that. so i do it pressing the ctrl key with left hand, and the numpad 3 with right hand… sigh, this means always an interruption in the workflow, as in my right hand is my tablet pen and so i need to put it into position right after pressing the keys… and this is just one example,,, another one, one often uses is for parenting, ctrl+p, well again, i have a hard time reaching both keys with the right hand alone, its just a tad too far… in zbrush, you never have to make such accrobatics with your hands, you either press single letters (and most of them are chosen on the left hand side of the keyboard, so you can press them quickly while sculpting along with your right hand), or when you need to press more than one key,these keys are in the shift, ctrl, alt or cmd , so you can hit them easily with your left hand, even two or three of them at once if necessary. i wish, blender would make the keyboard use more artist friendly… and yes, i know, one can assign all the 1000 keys as one wishes, and customize them. but fact is, such customization takes quite an annoying time and sometimes is lost with a blender update to a new version. i know from experience. so this is not really an option either… not for so many keys anyway, i still have a few set differenty…

enough complaining, but this is only my frustration, blender kept me from really making progress on my game now for 4 days. and, as i still not know what really causes the wonky copy x-flipped pose, and why it is working sometimes, i feel not too well in looking forward to my game progress…

anyway, after a lot of struggle, here is the walkcycle for mr bear enemy, i tried to make show his weight while he is walking…


(sorry, i seem to have compressed the gif a little too much, will do better with the next one…)


11 thoughts on “freddie – 08

  1. WOW that really does sound like quite a battle with what you were talking about in the previous post. I had something similar happen to me as well learning how to add the IK constraint to a rig. I had not realized that you had to un-parent the IK controller from the other bones in the chain, which had led to some rather crazy results where the rig just seemed to move on its own no matter what direction I tried to move the bone. It also did something similar to yours where the pose would be fine after loading the file or turning off the IK constraint, then turning it on again, but if I tried moving it, it would mess up again. Thankfully, I eventually found the answer on the Blender Stack Exchange website. You might be able to get an answer on there as well if you were to ask. Now that I mention it, I guess making sure there aren’t contradictions in the bone parenting could be one thing to check. I always get very strange behavior when I accidentally parent two bones to each other.

    That’s strange about having to hold control when changing the views; I’ve never had to do that. Although, I haven’t ever actually used the numpad before to change views. I’ve always just turned on the Emulate Numpad option in the Input settings of the Blender Preferences so I can use the numbers at the top of the keyboard on my laptop, but I don’t know if that would change something.

    I also don’t know how useful this would be for you, but one other thing is that recently I updated my Wacom Tablet drivers and noticed a new panel in the tablet preferences called On-Screen Controls. It’s basically just the radial menu from before, but now you are able to have the buttons in a grid and pin the buttons to the screen so they don’t go away, just the same as if it was some window in the program. So now I’m able to have all the things I use a lot like parenting and such in an easy to access place at the top of the screen, and it’s pretty small as well if you change the size in the edit section next to the plus sign. You can also set up different ones for each type of thing you are doing like retopology, rigging, etc. It’s really quite handy.

    With the bear, it really does look good, and I would agree with Mustakettu85, he does have a good heaviness about him. One thing I noticed with Freddie is it seems like the chest moving form side to side is a bit jagged and maybe should be a bit subtler as well. Although, it might just be the slower GIF accentuating it, I don’t know. Other than that I thought it looked nice.

    Yikes! What a long comment this turned out to be 🙂

    • This is just an addendum to my previous post. I realized I had misspoken about the bone parenting. It was a little while ago that I had struggled with it and thought for sure the issue had been with the bone parenting, but I realized later that wasn’t the case because you can’t actually parent two bones together.
      Although, it was still a contradiction in the way bones are parented, but it’s when you add a copy rotation, location, etc. constraint to a parent bone and set the target for the constraint as the child of the parent, then try to transform the child. It seems to create some kind of conflict where the parent is getting data from the child, while the child is also trying to be moved by the parent at the same time, producing very crazy results. Hopefully that helps 🙂

      • thank you john, for taking so much time to write all this info… it is very encouraging, as it shows me, i am not the only one who struggles so badly with blender. the interface is just not well thought out…
        about the tablet driver… hmm, i only have a wacom bamboo fun, and that does not display buttons on screen, it is very basic actually.. but i am thinking of getting a better tablet, i dislike already that the sensitivity is not that great… oh, i cannot put numpad emulation on, since i need the numbers on the keyboard for my sculpting brushes. i have them assigned the same way i did in zbrush, so that switching between the apps is easier…

        now, i believe i understood what i was doing wrong all the time. your detailed explanation how you experienced the wonkyness, showed me 🙂 … i got the parenting thing correct, i checked that again. but, i did, what i had read in a tutorial, when i made the first blocking out keys for the animation, i did select every(!) bone and put a key. so, i put even keys for bones which are driven by ik or other constraint by other bones. and this seems to have thrown off the copy xflip pose, like you explain with the wrong parenting. at least, today, i keyed only the bones necessary, so for example only the ik bone for the hand, but not the hand,lowerarm and upperarm bone. and i did not get wonkyness today anymore 🙂

        thank you so much for your support. i do appreciate very much.

        • You’re welcome, that’s awesome you were able to figure it out 🙂 That ladder animation really looks nice as well. Blender can definitely be pretty complicated sometimes. I think it’s probably because it has to be so many different things at the same time since it’s the only free option out there if you want to do 3D work or make an animated movie. So it has to be able to do everything but things aren’t always as polished as they are in programs that are just focusing on one thing.

          That’s interesting about the tablet, I just have the Intuous CTH-680, one step above the bamboo I think. It does have a few buttons on it, so I guess that’s probably why it has that extra option. I guess it might also be because I had upgraded to El Capitan, hence the need to update the drivers. Although, I suppose with all of the coding knowledge you are getting, you might be able to just create your own panel as an add-on in Blender 🙂

          One last thing, and not to try to garner a comment 🙂 , but I thought you might like seeing something that your tutorials have helped me create. Your suggestion of looking at drawing books has really been invaluable for the expression as well:

          • hi john 🙂 … oh, i am still on mountain lion…. i had once updated a mac with system 9 to tiger, apple confirmed that it will work. however, the mac was not able to handle the graphics, it froze when i wanted carry a window. what a painfull mess it was to downgrade the os again… so, since that experience, i stick with the system that came with the delivered mac, and it works fine for me…
            ah, thank you for sharing your work. i am very glad my little tips were so very helpful for you. 🙂 the portrait and expression looks great. also good to see there is a bacstory to it. this is not often seen. well done…. only, i was surprised to see you used 31 million, polygons, alone for the face. i never had this. not even in zbrush. 14 mill or similar for a full figure, yes, but not for a face. there i have at most 3-4 mill when haveing lots of detail, like skinpores… how was blender able to sculpt this? were the sculpting strokes fluid? is it multires or dynatopo?

            • Thank you for that, that’s great to hear! Sorry about the confusion with the polygon count, when I said face count I meant the face as in a polygon’s face not face as in a head. So far the head is only about 1.2 million, done in dyntopo. I’ll still have to retopologize it and things, but that’s nice to hear you can do the pores with only 3-4 million faces; I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to sculpt those or not. The rest of the models have all been done with the Multi-resolution Modifier. The highest face count of those has been for the sweatshirt at about 11 million faces, but I’m not sure it actually needs that much detail, so I will probably take that down a level. One thing interesting though is that even at 11 million faces, the only amount of slowing down was in moving the view around, and even that wasn’t too bad. That was with a MatCap on as well, without the MatCap the slowdown is even less noticeable. One setting that has helped quite a bit for me that you may have already found is, in the user preferences under System, there is a box called VBOs that can be turned on. I’m not sure why this isn’t on by default, but it makes a huge difference.

              I can definitely understand about changing the os. Thankfully everything has gone all right for me so far.

              • ah, i see… yes, you can get skindetail with areound 3-4 million. you need to create your basemesh, that it is denser where you need more polygons (face) and less where you don’t need that much (top of head for example)… yes, vbo i know off, even though i don’t know hwat it is, i i have it on anyway…

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