freddie – 07

my dear readers, you probably thought i was giving up… yes, it looked like that, but instead i was figthing a big fight with blender for almost 3 days. i tried blender to make “copy x-flipped pose” work properly 😦 … my rig, worked fine when testing, i made half a walkcycle, and wanted x-flip the other half, but when i did “copy x-flipped pose” i received an all wonky pose, that had nothing to do with an x-flipped pose (meaning mirrored on the x-axis) … so, finding tutorials or info was in order… alas, all video tutorials i found, did not show me what i did wrong. it worked in their case. but even if i followed the tutorial i always got a mess, instead of what they showed. so i repeated my error even by following the tutorials literally, and could not learn from the tutorials what it was… i found some written infos, that said one has to align the x-axes of the bones of the legs, say, to point all in the same direction. and this is what was done in many tutorials too… i tried, it did not work… but i found what was crucial, and no one in a tutorial ever mentioned:

the “roll” of every deform bone has to be zero! not 15, or 230, but always zero! (This is an imported piece of info, i write down here for further reference)

now, a roll value not zero works fine, when moving the bones by hand, but for the copy x-flip thing it is essential that the roll is zero. why is such an important thing nowhere written? or mentioned in a tutorial? … and why is it that even when rotating a bone in orthographic side view of the bone around its local x-axis, the roll changes ? should blender not keep the roll zero in this case? but in my blender it does not, whenever i rotate a bone, the roll changes like mad… hmm

well, today, i found out about the roll needs be zero, and i worked over my whole rig, made all the rolls zero, and had of course bind the mesh fresh to this rig, as changing the roll after binding twistes the legs etc like mad… but, i made it.


and made a new walk animation, since the previous one was completely useless with the changed rig… as always the gif animation is slower than the animation in blender… constructive critique is welcome, since freddie will be the main character, so i want him realy to shine in the game 🙂



3 thoughts on “freddie – 07

  1. It’s great you were able to determine that important parameter! If roll changes even when rotating in ortho view, maybe it’s worth it to report a bug?
    And the animation looks very cool, Freddie walks like a boxing champion =)

    • thanks, i am glad you like the animation, mustakettu 🙂
      bad news is, it seems the roll angle was not all that is important: i have put the armature into the bear monster, and adjusted the size and positions of bones, made sure all rolls are zero, and skinned it onto the bear… and, the copy x-flip pose is not working on the arms any more… i really can pull my hair out with blender, sometimes… oh, no, i will not report bug, i made bad experience when i tried it in past, several times… my contribution to blender is now limited to “promotion” of what you all can do with it…

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