freddie – 06

haha, instead of doing the technical stuff, like trying out the first enemy for freddie in animation and in unity, i sculpted a new enemy today 🙂

this time, i started off from the basemesh of the first enemy, and transformed it into the basic forms of the second one, just by using the move brush, and some smoothing. originally, i thought i could use this basemesh further, but the head had way too few polygons and the edgeflow was not good at all…, so i zremeshed it, and developed it further:


then i painted it in zbrush, and added details to receive the final highpolysculpt:


then i brought it into blender and made some wonderful uv map … i really love figureing out how to place the “puzzle” pieces to make the best of the uvspace 🙂


and as a last step, i goz this model back to zbrush, and projected everything onto it, and then baked texture and normal map, as well as occlusion map…. so, now 2 enemies are ready for skinning and then animation…


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