freddie – 02

it is time to share some progress pics,,, among the many things i started for the game (like finding out how to build good shaders in unity (pbr is possible! yippie), finding out how to get a background image, how to build a terrain with trees and everything) i also began the manual retopo for the freddie sculpt. the hair was a nightmare, lol,, also because i wanted have a few strands loose, so that i could animate them when he is walking…. so here is how far i am with the retopo, he has just over 3000 polygons now. of course shoes are missing completely. and i want add a few edgeloops at strategical places to hold some shapes better with the smoothing. but i think i can keep him easily below 3500 in the final… furthermore, i think i need to redo the pants partly, since i guess the topology now is not good for animation, i fear his buttocks flatten when he moves, the way the polygons are right now…


and a first prototype of the platforms, the game needs… wood texture is handpainted in photoshop. this is a screenshot from unity, material is a pbr shader 🙂 looks already decent in editor window, and great in gameview 🙂



4 thoughts on “freddie – 02

  1. That looks quite nice; he really has a determined look about him, especially in the sculpt. The wood texture really feels like wood as well. It will be fun to see what kind of game you’ll be making 🙂 While you’re on the subject of topology, I was reminded of a really great addon for retopology that I thought I would mention in case you haven’t seen it. The smoothing mesh brush combined with the surface constraint really make it easy to get all of the vertices distributed well. You can find it here: There is also one that, although isn’t fully developed and takes a little getting used to, still works well and is nice to use at certain times in conjunction with the other addon: Hope it will help; retopology can really be difficult sometimes. I can definitely see why that hair would have been a nightmare.

    • hi john, thanks for the links. you are right, i don’t know either of these addons. …the difficulty was mostly to figure out how to get the edgeloops, and how to use the sculpt only to get the different hairlayers retopologised… i will have a look into these addons, as there are more game characters to come :-)/// hehe, determined look is good, that is what i wanted from freddies expression. so i need get back to that in the final version 🙂 .. hmm, what kind of game, i think it would be called a platformer, though it will not be a 2d scroller…

  2. Ah, a platformer, that will be neat. With the topology, that would be tough getting those edgeloops figured out. The addons probably won’t help much with that 😦 I just find it to be a bit of a tedious process sometimes getting all the vertices into a sort of grid, so if there was something that would make it a bit less tedious, I thought I might as well share it since it had helped me. Although I suppose sometimes things that are meant to be helpful just make things more complicated, so hopefully they will actually help 🙂 Just as a note, when you try the Surface Constraint, be sure to click the little car on the left.

    • hey john, don’t worry. i will try these out on the next sculpt, and we will see. and, in case it really does not help, its good i tried it nevertheless, since you never know before 🙂

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