a linux 64 version of baby dragons adventure

as of request, here is now also a linux 64 version available. i hope this one works, markus…

adventure of baby dragon for linux64


3 thoughts on “a linux 64 version of baby dragons adventure

  1. Hi Doris, thank you for uploading the game files. I’ve just done some testing under debian (64 bit system). You’ve done some great work on the characters. Congrats for this. 😀 To be honest I had serious problems with navigating left and right. You might want to tweak input angle of rotation. Next I’d implement a quit or pause button. This makes it far more easier to use your game. 😀 CG Cookie provides some tutorials for this. Some achievement system would be cool as well… One thing I had to learn the hard way myself is minimizing the filesize. Try to save the textues to pvr for example: http://wiki.sparrow-framework.org/manual/pvr_textures You could use: https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker for example. You could try to reduce the filesize by using repeatable textures (size with base of 2), that are repeated automatically like for the grass. You could try to use a plane for the grassmesh instead of some custom mesh. The icing on the cake (if you don’t ban me from your site 😛 ) would be having different shaders for grass and wall. But this is something for your next game. I hope you don’t mind that I shared my opinion on your game with you, but I believe, that honest opinions help you most. I hope to see more “Gardena” gardening tools and “Schleich” animals designed by you. Cheers Markus

    • thank you markus! yes, honest opinion helps most 🙂
      oh, i had not noticed the left/right navigation is difficult, neither has my husband. so, i was not aware of it could be difficult. … yes, quit button is already in, but appears only after finishing the complete game. good, next time i will put it, and a pause button, right at the begininng…
      i was surprised on the filesize of the game my self. since the raw data (images and models) takes less than 40 mb. — i was thinking it comes from the many instances, of the flowers models and leaves models, they exist 81 times, and the many butterflies (but they will be generated by code, from 20 butterfly models, each only very few polygons)… i have used textures tiling where possible, like the walls and the grass. i have them in png, as in unity manual it said they would be compressed when the game is created, and it would be best to create the game in best quality textures. and, i used png, since very often i needed the alpha channel for transparency… i will download and try this texture packer you recommend, it seems be great for that. … ah, yes, shaderwork, you are right. i need learn this better how to do in unity, it was not my focus here, but for next game i need and will learn 🙂 … and, there will be a next game, i am working already on the idea 🙂 … thanks for giving me good feedback.

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