baby dragon – 18 – game is finished!

yippiee!! i made it 🙂

after spending the weekend with more cleaning up, and actually also adding features to the game … lol … , i made this morning some final tweaks, and a last test run, and decided it is good to go for now…

the whole time was a big adventure for myself. it started from the idea to learn how to make a game character, so baby dragon was born, and when i had it, it evolved from there. i am happy, i did stick to the coding learning, as this was in the beginning so very frustrating, that i almost gave up. but, gladly, i stick with it, and now have quite some knowledge in c#, and looking forward to do a second game! with more streamlined code, and not so much “spaghetti-code” as i did in several places,,, since i did not know how it could be done better… the best experience in all the gamemaking was, when seeing how things work out, after long testing and struggling, baby dragon walked finally in unity, same nice as in blender 🙂 and with the gardentools, i can tell you, they almost drove me mad… lol… but, now all (or rather most of it) runs smoothly, and i hope it is a game for enjoying…

so, i like to share my game with my dear readers. the game is free for personal use. the game art and everything stays my copyright (with the exceptions mentioned in the credits of the game). it is ok to share the game further, exactely as you got it, mentioning where you got it from. it is not ok to sell my game 😉

so, if you don’t mind a big download, and don’t mind playing a game which has no save feature, like back in the eighties …lol, then feel free to download and try it. the gameplay takes about 2 hours, at least this is what my husband needed … the mac version runs stable on different macs, this is tested. i tried to make a pc version, and i hope i got it right. but as i said in the previous post, i cannot even check if the game starts on pc. so, i would appreciate some feedback here, in particular if it is not running at all, so that in such a desastrous case, i could cancel the pc download button and save others the long download time…

mac download

pc download

and now i hope you enjoy!! i would appreciate to hear how you liked it, or what you don’t liked, so that i can do better in the next game project 🙂 have fun now!


10 thoughts on “baby dragon – 18 – game is finished!

  1. Yahoo! Congratulations, Doris! Too bad I can’t try the game (partly because I’m nearly out of space, patrly because I’m on Linux anyway). But I am so happy for you! It takes a lot of dedictation to go through with a project, and a fair amount of courage to declare it finished and available. People who do that are my heroes )) And I know your game is pretty awesome if only due to the artwork for it that I’ve seen. Well done!

    • thank you jasne! 🙂 … oh, i just looked, i could build in unity a linux version too. so, i think i like to wait and hear if the pc version does run properly, and if so, i could try build a linux version too. the mac version needs 210 mb of free diskspace, so i assume a linux version would be similar.

  2. Hi Doris! I just tried the PC version, and it works perfectly! The dragon walks around, can pick up objects, and the puppy friend comes out to help… I haven’t finished the game yet, I will only have time for it on the weekend unfortunately, but it looks so beautiful =)

  3. Well, you did it Doris! I suppose the first game is always the hardest. I had a chance to try it out and you really did a great job. You would probably really enjoy playing the game Fez:; it has some really awesome puzzles in it and a great look to it as well. I don’t know a whole lot about making games, but it’s really great as well how you were able to get some of the more complex things working. It really is a great foundation for making other games. There were a few snags I hit though that I wanted to mention. The first one was that it took me a little bit to figure out that you have to click on the flowers instead of the soil when digging with the shovel. Not too big of an issue, but it might be good to have the clickable area over the entire plant instead of just the flower tops. There was one of the puzzles I wasn’t able to figure out as well and I wasn’t sure if it was just a bug or something I didn’t figure out. I was able to get the shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, and watering can in the greenhouse area, but I wasn’t able to find the fifth tool on the map. I’m guessing that it might be in the shed, but when I tried each of the tools on the leaves, none of them seem to let me pick the leaves up, so I wasn’t sure what to do about that. If there is a way, it also might be good to make it possible to click on any of the leaves instead of the small section of them, just so someone doesn’t think they can’t do anything with them if they don’t find that small section. All in all, it was fun though. I’m still trying to figure out the dog’s paw print puzzle. I think it might be a grid that shows which color of water each flower needs, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to arrive at the colors yet.

    • hi john, that is a neat little game, looks like fun 🙂
      thanks for the feedback, it is very valuable to me. ..good point with the soil… oh, the fifth tool. no, it is not in the gardenhouse, it is on the map. so, you have not walked/visited all areas. it is this fifth tool that you need to remove the leaves… when you have it, you can click a large area around the leaves, it does not matter wich leaves you choose … you are on good track with the dog paws puzzle… but i don’t want give spoilers… thanks a lot for sharing your experience with the game.

      • You’re welcome. Just wanted to let you know I had another go at it and found the other tool, everything worked well from there. I think I figured out the paw print puzzle as well, but I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone else. It’s funny how such little things like solving a puzzle can make one happy 🙂

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