baby dragon – 17

big excitement!!! yesterday i built the first time my game, and gave it to my husband to play 🙂 so he is my betatester, so to say 🙂 … he did not knew anything about the game, which is perfect for testing. the first surprise for me was, that he plays the game completely different than i intended it… lol …. good news is, all the coding runs flawlessly. there are some issues with the gameplay however, that my husband pointed out and i realised from watching him play. so, now i will try to improve these things, and then it will be ready for a first release, after he tested it again :-). as we only have macs, and no friends with pc, i am doing a mac version…. and, since i know mac users are the minority, i am thinking of trying to get a pc version too. has some of you, my dear readers, experience if i could just built a pc version within my unity and that would run on a pc same as it runs on our macs? i could not even test if the pc built would start at all…

would you be interested in trying my game, even if it would be a heavy download? please, let me know in the comments. and if you are interested, please let me know also whether you would need a mac or pc version, so i could see if it makes sense to struggle to get a pc version too 🙂 thanks!


9 thoughts on “baby dragon – 17

  1. That would be great to try out; I would only need the Mac version. You have probably already seen this, but I thought I would let you know that you can find the relevant information for building a Windows version here, just in case you haven’t:
    I wanted to say as well that your dog is really looking good, especially for only having a texture for the fur.

    • ah great john! thank you, i haven’t seen this info yet. it sounds not too complicated, so hopefully it will go 🙂 i am just tidying up some more my game, you know it is like with sculpting, it never seems to be perfect,,, and i plan to release it on monday or tuesday …

      • Yes, and there is always some new detail you never saw before 🙂 Also, you’re welcome, I’m glad to help. To be honest I was never able to try a windows version either, so hopefully that’s all it takes. I’ll look forward to trying it out when it’s ready

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