baby dragon – 16

besides doing scripting for the game, i also managed to rig the dog, and made a walk cycle… the gif, unfortunuately, is showing the motion much slower than it looks in blender, or unity, but at least you can see it a little. i hope you like.



6 thoughts on “baby dragon – 16

  1. Actually, it’s a good thing it moves slower – that way we can see the motion properly. And it’s great. I like how the muscles move at shoulder and hip (do dogs have hips?) Very well done!

  2. Hey Doris, this dog reminds me to the “Schleich” animals at the toy stores. Looking good so far. One thing thouch I noticed immediatelly, that there’s no movement to the medal. You might want to apply a more natural movement to the medal/coin/I don’t know what it is… 😀 Cheers Markus

    • hi markus, i love these schleich animals, so this is a big compliment for me, thank you! … it is a badge where a note is on with his name, and infos, in case he gets lost… i admit i forgot to animate that, since i had disabled it in the viewport, to have a better look at the dogmesh while animating… i have the dog already completely integrated in the game, so i will rework this animation only if i find other things on the dog that also need enhancement.. not because i am lazy, but unity is still mysterious, and i do have problems with updating already imported objects. animation is always messed up then… but i put it on my todolist for remember if i feel courages enough to reimport an updated dog… thanks a lot!

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