baby dragon – 15

the dog model is ready for animation 🙂 … i first did a retopo by hand in blender, for optimal control over the mesh. it has 1600 quads:


then i made nice uvs in blender:


and then brought the model to zbrush, sculpted the highpoly details, made normal map and painted a texture map… i then tested the model in unity. it looks too pale there, so i need fix that, somehow, but otherwise i am happy how it comes into unity… and, yes, here as with the dragon i opted for subdividing the mesh once, so it has now a tad over 6000 quads in unity… if it turns out to be too heavy for the game, i also prepared a 1600 faces model, i could use then instead…


next will be fun of animation 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “baby dragon – 15

  1. In Blender I think the diffuse shader is set to 0.8 by default (ie not all light bounces off) but in Unity it is 1.0. I had similar problems exporting from Blender to Unity. Also I was using BI, not Cycles.

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