baby dragon – 14

i can imagine, my dear readers, that you start to think i gave up on my game project… it just looks like that from the non existing blog posts… but the contrary is the case 🙂 i am very busy, and making progress. i finally got a very difficult script to run *difficult for me as a bloody beginner, that is*… and, i got the idea that my game needs a second character. so, i jumped into blender, turned on dynatopo and had some fun roughing out the first design 🙂 this kind of sculpting still works much better in blender than in zbrush, dynatopo is so much superior with it really being dynamic…


i kind of like how he looks right now, i think he will complement baby dragon well 🙂 please stay tuned, even if it takes me so long to make my game …

as a side note… i got worried that my game has too much graphics already, so i put a framecounter, and am glad it turns out my beasty machine gets 65 frames a second. so i assume it will run fine, once it it finished,,, at least if i not add too much more graphics, that is… lol… fun !!


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