baby dragon – 13

today one of my rare blog posts without image 😉 … but i feeled i like to report how things are going, and at the same time let you know that i am very busy at creating the game…

so two funny stories to illustrate how my “game making” progresses :

after many days of programming and testing, i finally noticed that baby dragon is sligthly hoovering over the ground, as the shadows reveal. …hmm… i checked the placement, yes correct height 0, meaning placed firmly on ground. but when i start the game, he floats a tad and is now on height 0.1, thus a tad above ground… hmmm, i thought this is my walking routine, the script i wrote for that. so i put in debug.logs, checked all the variables etc, and i could not find the spot where he got lifted. my script just did not do that. after several hours(!) of trying to figure out what is going on, i removed his walking script completely. so all he could do is standing like a statue… and, what did he do? when the game starts he begins floating into air!… so now i knew i had searched all these hours the error in the wrong place… then i thought well, i strip off all components of dragon until i find which is the culprit… and found it, it was the “navmesh agent”. without that dragon walked nicely on the ground, and i was happy, since i had already forgotten what the task of the navmesh agent is… but i soon learned it again: since dragon was now able to walk through walls 😦 … well, so i put back in the navmesh agent, and dragon floated again…. after a lot of research i found that i can adjust his height in the navmesh agent, its a public variable… problem solved, dragon walks now nicely on the ground, and not through the walls… took only about 4 hours… lol

the other story is even funnier 🙂 as you might have noticed, i do learn unity, as well as scripting in c# while i am doing this game. and c# seems to be a very picky language. it has no tolerance whatever to typos, or missing brackets, or missing ; or similar, in contrast to html which generously works with a html file that contains such “minor” errors. but c# wants to have the code with 100% correct syntax. not an easy thing. .. i needed a script that turns an item off, after 5 seconds, say. so i called this script “timerscript”. and, this is where the desaster began, but i did not knew it. since timerscript is a c# class, my script name completely confuses the c# editor. now even simple lines like “float warte = 5f;” threw an error. indeed, every word i wanted type threw an error. i tried to ignore it, and typed on, but of course this was no good. a script that is all over marked red, will not run, even if the code written is correct… yes, it took me also quite some time to find the error, namely the bad name for this script… this comes when you learn a new scripting language, and jump head of heels in, like i like to do… lol

nevertheless, i got quite some things done now. dragon can walk, pick up objects, put them down again, interact with some objects, ,,and when you know the solution it is already possible to play the game from start to finish… now, i need to make the game experience for the player more fun, and that it is possible for the player to find the solution 😉 …

what is amazing is, the more i do on the game, the more ideas i have what i want put in. actions that dragon could perform, things that could happen when the player does this or that… it is so much fun, only pity is i cannot share all this, without giving spoilers…


3 thoughts on “baby dragon – 13

  1. Wow, you are courageous! I used to think about learning C Sharp once, and even borrowed some books (thick manuals), but it was too overwhelming. C-based languages are complex.

    Though on the other hand, their “strict” compilers can be helpful sometimes. RSL, the shading language I’m using these days, has a C-like syntax that will have me counting the curly brackets meticulously very often… but then I know for sure that all the if-thens and cycles are correct, when the code compiles at last.

    • yes, c# seems to be quite complex. but my approach in learning is different, i did not try to read the manuals. they would have overwhelmed me too. instead, i watched a few short video tutorials about scripting for beginners at the unity site, then just jumped in and try to code what i need. so, this way i only learn what i need. it is pretty selective, but this way i get started. … the first days were terrible though, since i did not understand any of the numerous error messages… lol… but now it goes more smoothly, even though quite slow. but i am happy with the progress anyway… it has been always my way, learning by doing and jumping right into a project for that…

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