weekendfun – portrait of ton roosendaal

today i finished the portrait, adjusted some forms that i previously got wrong, and added details. … so, here is my portrait of ton roosendaal, founder of blender foundation. i used the first image on this blender guru page as the main reference.



8 thoughts on “weekendfun – portrait of ton roosendaal

  1. Hi Doris 🙂 As you know, over the past several weeks I’ve visited many a gallery and museum filled with statues. I look at your work and see the modern equivalent of such. You so bring your subjects to life in a style that is eternal. 🙂

    • thank you greg for your very kind words.. but, my work is far away from what is in museums. it is very inspiring though, to try to reach such great art, and wonderful to hear that you think i am on my way. 🙂

    • hi ton, wow, now i am flattered that you visit my blog! thank you so much 🙂

      oh, as i wrote in the previous post, i wanted test the new blender version, and had the idea to do a portrait of you for that. yes, it is done completely within blender. how could i touch zbrush for a portrait of you? 😉

      • In your previous post you said “I wish they had let in the old brushes”. I wasn’t aware of such a chance in Blender recently, Blender developers always pay a lot of efforts of keeping Blender compatible and working the same way between releases. Disrupted workflow is only acceptable when it there are really good end-user reasons for it – like massive speedups. This then should be prominently explained in the release log.

        If a previous release and a current release differs so much, we really appreciate to get this reported in our bug tracker. Especially if you show evidence (a short vid or timing reports) with your amazing artwork, I’m sure people will take you seriously there. (And if not, I’ll kick their butts!)

        Sometimes releases appear much different because users didn’t copy over user preferences, or because tablet pressure works differently, or because of a new user preference. Also that can be investigated in a bug report (or on stackexchange or blenderartists).

        Bug reporting: https://developer.blender.org/

        • yes, i did click “copy previous preferences”, when i first openend the new blender version. and it worked, i had my interface layout, with all my keys etc. i had not changed my tablet settings either, … there was a discussion at blenderartists, where change of code for dynatopo and behaviour of brushes was topic. i participated at that time and tested the proposed changes, but was pretty alone with my opinion of that the intended changes are not good for sculptors. .. anyway, i can sculpt with everything, as long as it will do strokes… i do not consider it a bug, it is more what majority of users wanted in that discussion…

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