weekendfun – portrait

today i downloaded the new blender, and thought it is good to test it. i was curious about the promised speedboosts… the first disappointment came when i noticed that opensubdiv seems not be implemented for macs 😦 … well, sigh… then i decided to sculpt something to see how it goes… so, a portrait, of a person that could not be sculpted in zbrush 😉


about 2 hours in, dynatopo, likeness is not too good yet… can you guess nevertheless? …

the performance of blender seems be fine. however undo in sculpt mode are even slower than before 😦 … and, even worse, they changed the behaviour of the brushes,, not to the better i must say. i wish they had let in the old brushes, as to me it is quite difficult now to get really control over the brushstrokes… furthermore, each brush i need put at maximum strength for that something happens on the stroke. this also was better previously. good is however, that finally the brushradius can me made really huge, this is good for posing the sculpt and works fine…


6 thoughts on “weekendfun – portrait

  1. Wow, this is a pretty awesome for two hours of work! Did you start from scratch or from a MakeHuman base? Either way, well done!

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