baby dragon – 12

and the final essential game object 🙂


the items are placed within unity, and “all” that remains to do is now scripting the game logic… lol… 🙂


4 thoughts on “baby dragon – 12

  1. That’s an interesting take on a puzzle game; it will be neat to see how it all turns out. It really is great you’re so willing to try new things like making an entire game.

    • hi john, how did you know it will be a puzzle game? yes, it will be. … i am deep into coding, it is harder than i thought. first, getting the syntax correct is always a struggle, but then secondly, often very funny things happen instead of the planned… lol… so, i fear it will take some time… i will think about sharing, i am not sure i want it all public though. i mean it is a very first humble attempt. but i decide that when it is finished and i can see how far lower than my expectation it is…

      • Even though I would love to say I’m actually Sherlock Holmes :), I had just seen it in one of your previous posts where you mentioned part of the puzzle of the game is the player can’t see where they are going. I know what you mean about how hard the coding can be. When I was first learning how to do 3D, I had tried making some games in Unity, and it was fun but definitely very difficult. In the end they didn’t really work out either, but really what else can you expect from someone who has never done any 3D work before? Eventually though I realized that I’m not just a failure, I am a loved failure and that’s really what matters most. To quote a rather quirky but great Australian film called Strictly Ballroom, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived,” and even if it doesn’t all work out, to have not lived your life in fear is still a pretty great thing.

        • 🙂 yes indeed ! … ah, now i recall that i made this hint. yes, this is right, when the player could see the playground in overview it would be much easier to find the solution… lol… yes, too, unity is difficult to learn, but definitely fun!

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