baby dragon – 08

finally, baby dragon has a complete rig. and, i made a first test how he looks in unity. i managed to get the walkcycle in too, and that i can make him run around the plane 🙂 so this is a screencapture from when he walked around inside unity 🙂


he looks a little darker than in the cycles renders… and, i learned that the mesh needs be closed, since otherwise the backgound shows through the holes. so, i added some more polygons, to close the mouth hole, and after that i spent time to animate an idle animation and made a pose just for fun, to portrait a little his character.


as you might notice, the color of the texture is a little more vibrant than i had it previously. since the voting result favoured also my two favourite ones, thank you to those of my readers who participated, i chose this one, as i think it will go nicely with a fantasy nature environment… hmm, yes, this sounds like i might do really a unity game with him… yes, indeed, i might 🙂


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