baby dragon – 07

i made a new walk cycle, after reading a few tutorials about walk cycles. still room for improvement, but i think it is now recognizable at least, as a “walk cycle” 🙂

i don’t know why the gif animation runs slower than the animation in blender, but i hope once i have it in unity the speed will be same as in blender. he is actually walking a tad faster than it seems in these different views from his new walk cycle …

baby_dragon_10 baby_dragon_11 baby_dragon_12

next will be painting his teeth, and do a facial rig, so that he can show at least basic emotions. and, i want do an idle animation, that can play when he “just stands around” while the player is thinking what he will do next… then i could try bring him into unity, and make him the player figure and try to get the controls working that i can make him run around on the unity earth 🙂


2 thoughts on “baby dragon – 07

    • hey mark, great to see you again! … yes, now that the projecct is running i am amazed about how much fun it is to animate. i learned a lot already, and look forward to push this further… do you want create a game character too? it really is a fun way to try out and learn new things.

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