baby dragon – 04

now let’s try again to upload some images 😉


aha! it works again! making a happy dance 🙂 … please click on image to see full size, its huge… left and right are ccyles renders of the lowpoly versions, middle is the highpoly model in zbrush view…

so you see i was busy, made uvs for this little guy in blender:


darkblue means perfect, green is still ok, yellow and red, if they were visible would show strong stretching… and i managed to put the pieces to use most of the uv space 🙂 … i think i will go with the higher polygon count. the 2200 polygon model looks to rough for my taste. also, it has quite a number of normalmap errors along the spikes at his back, not visible on this pic, but the 11000 polygon model looks nice and smooth, also along the spikes on his back. there are minor issues, but i assume for now, these will not be visible once he carries his texture map too 😉 and if they stay visible, i will learn how to correct the normal map in photoshop … i have read upto 15000 polygons is ok for modern games, so i think i can afford using the higher polygon count for the sake of goodlooking …. onto texture painting now…


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