baby dragon – 03

babydragon has now teeth and tongue, which i hope will be visible when i do some facial poses 🙂 the topology is now fixed, so that it will support bends of limbs, at least i hope so after a few tests. then i did in zbrush the sculpting of the details on the mesh with the good topology. next will be texture painting, and since i want do that in zbrush, i can in the same pass clean up some of the sculpted details.. uv’s i will do in blender and then create the maps in zbrush…thats the plan for next…

hmmm… i wanted display an image here, but i cannot upload today. actually, i did try yesterday already, and each time the upload failed… i even scaled the image to a different size and tried again, but yet no success… so, this post remains a report without image, and i hope it is just some sort of internet glitch and next time upload will work again…


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