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good news for all interested in sculpting!! cgcookie has made several of my tutorials now free! that means you can download the videos and all the material i created for free. so, if you are interested in sculpting go get them here (note: you need to create a free account at cgcookie to be able to download…)

the courses are basic sculpting courses, but require that you know how to use the sculpt tools in the app of your choice. the courses are done in blender, but you can follow very easily along in zbrush, as i teach the ideas and not “click here, click there”, you only need to know how sculpting works at all in zbrush. enjoy!


4 thoughts on “free tutorials

  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your tutorials. I’m just beginning to learn how to sculpt people, so they have really helped me out a lot. The way you show the anatomy and describing what things you are looking for and where you are headed with the sculpting has really helped as well; there aren’t very many tutorials that do that. So thanks! Now I just need to find some tutorials on sculpting expressions. 🙂

    • hello john, thank you so much. i saw your study on facial proportions, great way to get the basics down. your feedback about the tutorials is great, as it helps me to improve for the next ones… for expressions, i have not seen sculpting tutorials yet, but i use drawing books. search “drawing and expression” will give you lots of ressources, some of them are really useful.

      • Yes, that was a rather fun project. Thanks a bunch for the idea of looking at drawing books for expressions. I already found some that should really help. It’s probably from just being a beginner at sculpting people, but something interesting is that I actually have tried to do tutorials on sculpting the head in the past. It was always rather frustrating though because I could never really understand why they were doing what they did. Then when I would try to start something on my own, I would realize I hadn’t actually learned anything that I could use in my own projects; I had only learned how to make something that looked like something someone else had made. It was really only until your tutorials that I finally understood how to sculpt a head.

        • “I had only learned how to make something that looked like something someone else had made.” – exactely, this is what i find on many tutorials too, and what i tried to do differently. so glad it worked for you. 🙂

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