baby dragon – 01

a new project! yippie πŸ™‚ … this time, i want to learn how to create a character from start to finish, that could be used in a game. so, i want design this character, sculpt it, retopo it, texture it, make a rig and possibly a facial rig, make some poses and possibly a walk cycle, and then (hopefully) test this character in unity game engine … this is a lot to learn, parts i know already, but there is a lot to be covered i only have faint knowledges so…
i plan to sculpt and design a highpoly character and the colorisation in zbrush, then switch to blender for retopo and all the following tasks to create from the highpoly model a game character… so, this will be a fun project, i think πŸ™‚

my idea is to create a cute baby dragon that is up for all kind of nonsense…. here is the initial concept sculpt i made today. it ran through a lot of iterations already, and is still very rough, but i think now i have the features and general proportions in i want to see in it…



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