anatomy study – full figure 2

and here is the study finished… yes, ears, hands and feet are not complete, but this was not my concern, as i wanted study the body anatomy and how the limbs attach…



3 thoughts on “anatomy study – full figure 2

  1. These are wonderful!

    Your work with ZBrush is stunning – I’ve tried to get my head around it several times and never been able to master it! – and there’s such an obvious craft and care to all of your work. Great to observe and exciting to watch it build.

    • thank you so much jacob!
      to me zbrush was most natural, when i tried it first time. i was immediately able to create. but i have heard that many struggle with the unusual interface… i however have struggled a lot with blenders interface, and still do sometimes. maybe you can try blender (it is free! ), you can sculpt as in zbrush (even better) and do much more than in zbrush. on top of that, blender has a great render engine, cycles. often people that cannot master zbrush do love blender …

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