leman – 01

on a recent walk through the forest, i detected an unknown species of insectivore, and quickly made in zbrush a portrait of him when i came home 🙂
it seems to be a night active being, as the big eyes and ears show. the claws indicate that he digs for his prey. his sharp teeth show that he can easily bite through the hard armour of insects. and the feet, big as they are, make him well adapted for living on muddy, wet forest floors. he is quite small, and obviously has a lot similarities with a human being, despite the head… he does not seem to have protections, but his skin coloration might be a good way to camouflage, may be that is why he was not earlier found …


as i am the first to have seeen these adorable creatures, i may name them 🙂 and, i think, leman is the perfect name for them 🙂 … this weekend i will try to watch him further, and report to you what he does,,, 😉


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