nature challenge – 04

and a waterfall scene 🙂


(please click image to enjoy full resolution)

in this scene, the terrain and the water, and the waterfall, are sculpted. first in blenders dynatopo, then for detailing in zbrush… there are 10 000 trees in the scene, and 15 000 waterbubbles 🙂 and, despite all that, it rendered in only 52 minutes on my graphiccard 🙂

editing the particle systems was however quite a challenge. not that they were so complicated, but see how blender displayed the water bubbles in the viewport:


lol… but cycles knew how to render this mess… sigh, i really wish they would enhance the viewport…


5 thoughts on “nature challenge – 04

    • glad you like it… hmm, when you love to sculpt as much as i do, then sculpting is easier… i made previously experiment to set up the waterfall by a fluid simulation, and i think it is not too hard to get “a” waterfall. if you happy with the first tries, then it is way easier than sculpting … but i wanted the look specific, and to be honest, i really had no fun waiting for the bake to wait so long everytime i tweaked a little… maybe my machine is to slow for fluid simulation, but i had to wait the complete bake each time before i could see the effect of a change i made in the settings., in short, it depends what you prefer doing.

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