nature challenge – 03

this little pond scene was technically quite demanding, meaning, blender refused to do what i wanted it do. the trees i created with the sapling addon, with custom leaves. and since i wanted to place them with a particle system, i needed to join leaves and trunk into one mesh… in viewport it looked always correct after i hit “ctrl+j”, but when i rendered the joined meshes the trunk part rendered fine, but all leaves were suddenly clumped at one small part of a few branches.. it looked funny… lol… but of course i needed this to work,,,so my workaround was to send them to zbrush, join them there and send back… and then the new trouble was, that i lost the uv… well and so on, one difficulty after the other, … but i was persistant, and here is the result 🙂 i hope you like…


(please click image to enjoy full resolution)


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