organic spaceships design

yesterday, i watched a video of feng zhu (one of my favourite concept artists) where he shows a very fun way to come up with design ideas. it was so amazing to watch him and see what wonderful design he created this way in such a short time (the video is real time, not timelapse!)… it is somehow like “reading the clouds”, where you see things in the random forms :-)) … and, then i thought i could try something along these lines for 3d too… so i began with the first step. idea was to create organic spaceships and i followed feng zhu in his way of creating ideas shown in the mentioned video. these are mine after 90 minutes work in photoshop:


not bad, 22 ideas in such a short amount of time… then i picked 4 i liked best, and tried to translate them into 3d using zbrush and trying out several techniques. the numbers show the order i created them (i think number 4 turned out best, as i got a feel what to do. and, obviously these are not finished sculpts, but design sketches… from here it would be easy to pick one and bring it to a polished finish…)


can you spot which of the 4 designs i used to create these organic spaceships?


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