hedgehog – 03

today, i present you my progress, after i have put more than 8 hours into it,,and… it looks like one of these double images, you can find in print magazines, where on first glance both images look the same, but the title says “find the 9 differences”. and then you take a closer look, and notice, for example, at the puppies leg is in one image only one blossom in the other two… well, here is my image, if you like compare with that from the previous post… 😉


as i said, more than 8 hours work in that starting from the last one posted… and this is why:


blender is wonderful, when you consider what you can do with it, but, it is not artist friendly, not the overly complex ui, and not what the viewport shows. how the hell do the developpers think, one can comb the hair, when these wiggly strands not show the size and not even the real placement in rendering… so, what i had to do, to comb the transitions of the different hairsystems is the following: select the hairsystem i want comb, go to particle edit, comb a little (without really seeing what this does to the hair) then exit particle edit, make a testrender. try to memorize which of the strokes were good and which not, go back to particle edit, comb again to improve, back to object mode, testrender… and, as you see in this image, i colorized the hair systems differntly in the viewport, as i thought this will help. but in many places the color appears black (none of the hairsystems is colored black, of course… while this helps a little, to not get lost in all this mess in the viewport, it could be much better,,, you see, using blenders great viewport presentation, it easily takes 8 hours, just to comb the transitions of the differnt hair types… and, it still does not completely look as i wanted to have it… but, i will now first make the pose, and composition for the final image, maybe later i make some more 8 hour tweaks on the hairs… oh, just a remark for greg: the red lines are the hairs that render as spines…


One thought on “hedgehog – 03

  1. Cool 🙂 I love this and thankyou for the explanation. 🙂 I am quite chuffed you think of me 🙂 I am actually really looking forward to trying this particle tool. First, though, I am restructuring my web site. But after that I might create a beard of something for a character 🙂 Beautiful work 🙂

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