hedgehog – 02

combing a hedgehog is kind of fun, in particulary, due to a mathematical theorem it cannot be done without bald spots, so it is always an excuse if it does not get completely right…lol…
getting better, but still lots of tweaking necessary: (all materials are completey procedural, so far)



3 thoughts on “hedgehog – 02

  1. So did you use the hair particle system in Blender to make the quills? (Look – I’m learning some Blender techy speak!). That looks practically lifelike. You astonish me. 🙂

    • yes, greg, this is how i did them. the main thing was to put the thickness of root much larger than you would do for hair. i added some randomness with the sliders and then combed them just a little bit.
      when you think outside the box, you will always be amazed what you can do with blender,,, for example the waterbubbles in the jellyfish image were a hair particle system too 😉 … it is worth learning blender, i know how hard it is, as the interface really is arghhh… but you will have a good tool to mix with the other software you love…

      • Actually yes. I am glad that I am persisting with Blender. You are a major inspiration in that. I’ve been watching hair-making tutorials on YouTube. I want to make my own hair for the models that I own. 🙂 This is so cool 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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