haeckel’s artforms of nature – 07

today, i sculpted a jellyfish like form and it was a lot of fun! i began sculpting it in blenders dynatopo, since i found that blenders sculpting supports radial symmetry 🙂 and, amazingly, this radial symmetry made that i could sculpt it upto 2mill polygons in dynatopo before it started to lag..:


then i brought this to zbrush, and asked for zremeshing … lol…. i required 50k polygons… lol… well, zbrush calculated 5 minutes, and came up with a great retopo, with 200k polygons. i said ok, subdivided it upto 12 mill polygons and cleaned up, and added detail. sculpting 12 mill polygons are no problem at all in zbrush,,,… 12 mill polygons sounds a lot, and it is, but even with that i could see some stretched polygons, it was barely enough polygons… but, it looked great. then, i decimated in zbrush, it took again 5 minuted to process the beast, and i decimated it down to 600k polygons 🙂 and, amazingly, it still looks like the 12 mill mesh, even on closeups… so, i goz this back to blender, and there is a first render of that beauty. please, enjoy!



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