haeckel’s artforms of nature – 03

and number three 🙂 these are too much fun! this one, contrary to the first two, is not copied directly from one of haeckels drawings, but i used two and made my design using their features… zremesher freaked out when i requested to zremesh on the original 6 mill polygon mesh…lol… so, i resorted to decimation master, and it has now only 240k plogons, and still looks the same like the original sculpt even in closeups 🙂


and a turntable a short “making-of”:




5 thoughts on “haeckel’s artforms of nature – 03

  1. Hey Doris I quite like with what you come up. Recently I’ve tried to apptempt something similar: 3d printing a tin inspired by nature. I used only procedural techniques to achieve the effect of scales on the curved surface. This is what I came up with: http://wp.me/a5i944-5d or http://wp.me/a5i944-5e It’s interesting for me to see how you came up with something inspired by nature but using totally techniques. 😀 Cheers Markus

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