loomis method, a second try

today i wanted try the same in zbrush, since there are clipping and trim brushes available. and, as i thought it is interesting, i like to show some (rather embarrassing) steps, since in forums i sometimes get the feeling people believe my sculptures look pretty after each stroke. no not at all. look at these first steps, following loomis method in zbrush:


see, how ugly this looks? but the important is to notice that the big forms and proportions are mostly correct, so all it needs is observing what smaller forms make it look so ugly and work on them… also notice that i drew with colors guidelines on the mesh. in zbrush these do not vanish when invoking dynamesh. very handy… and, after some more work, now in blender, since i really do not like sculpting in zbrush too much, we get this (from the ugly one above!)


another interesting note: this finished bust sketch has in blender around 200k polygons… the ugly one above in zbrush over a million already, and still the mesh is far from nice…


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