i was nominated for the liebster award :-)

greg long nominated me for the liebster award 🙂 thank you greg! i gratefully accept it, and try to follow the rules you posted which are:

1 Answer questions posed by their nominator.

2 Nominate another group of bloggers you deem to be worthy of the award.

3 Pose a number of questions for the fresh bunch of nominees to answer.

so, first the answer of your questions:

  1. If you could decorate your home in any style possible and cost was no barrier, how would you do so and what “look” would you hope to achieve?

    i would have a larger home, surrounded by nature, with an own garden and a big winter garden. large rooms with scandinavian furnature, light colored wood, a few accent colors, flooded with light, many plants, ..

  2. If you could be any famous person in history, who would you be and why?

    hmm, a tough one, but i think i would like to be michelangelo. not to be famous, but then i could really sculpt what i wished it to be… though i am aware of that he was unhappy with his own work often too …

  3. What is your favourite talent (not necessarily your best) and why?

    sculpting. why? it gives me peace, and keeps pains down…

  4. What qualities do you most admire in other people and why?

    when they set themselves a goal and try as hard as they could to achieve it. … politeness, good mood.

  5. If horror movie monsters were real, what monster would you most hate to have in your neighbourhood and why?

    hmm, difficult, as i know almost no horror movies.. does godzilla and king kong count as horror movies? both of them were interesting to meet to me….lol…oh, wait, i have seen alien, yes i would hate meeting alien,,, since i find it so disgusting how it reproduces..

  6. When you hear terms such as “creative” and “artistic” what thoughts and feelings come to mind?

    creativity is what makes me tick… artistic, it makes me think of these images, that are huge and just plain blue, and cost a million dollars, and i dont see the point of these…

  7. What, in your opinion, is the most important lesson to teach the children of the world?

    creativity. respect towards all living beings. tolerance towards different.

  8. If you could do a cameo on any tv show past or present, which one would it be and what would your character be like?

    oh, no, i would never do such, not even if i would get a million dollars for it…

now new nominees:

  1. dan (monsterman) reeder, creates the most amazing papermache sculptures, and recently he has a mission i like to humbly support this way, so his blog might get some additional traffic.
  2. gleb alexandrov, who makes starting in blender much easier with his tutorials and not focus only on technique, but also teaches art behind it, and with such a passion that it is a joy to read his blog.
  3. adventures in blender is the news blog site about everything you need to know about blender, and often some interesting non-blender links too. when i have a problem in blender, then i go there and browse the news, i often found this way links that lead me to solve my problems

and the new questions for the new nominees to answer.

  1. when you could have an additional skill (without the necessary exercising to get it) which would it be?
  2. could you enjoy being on a lonely island, without modern communication items, computers and internet, provided all needs for survival are given? explain why, please.
  3. suppose starting from tomorrow there were no cars anymore. what would that mean to you?
  4. what are your favourite pieces of sculptures, from any time, from any medium?
  5. when you could choose to be an animal, which would it be, and why?

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