portrait of johnny depp as jack sparrow – 07

the project is starting to crawl now. to me, this is always a difficult part of a project, as it takes endurance to keep going, and patience to not rush through and bring it to the end properly…

i worked on head and hair. i had to split the hair mesh into 3 to be able to sculpt fluently in dynatopo. the whole project weighs now already 4 mill polygons. in zbrush it would be no problem to have a single mesh so high poly, but in blender things are different. for the quick strokes with big brushes i love to do while sculpting, i need to keep the meshes around 500k polygons, otherwise the lagging, even though it is only slight in the beginning, starts to disturb me… so, i split the hair mesh via booleans in three parts, plus the bandana mesh. that was easy, because of the hairdo allows many places to cut, so that the seams are hidden 🙂 … for the head however, i needed to boolean it together with the neck and chest mesh, as otherwise one would have seen the seams…

so, here is how far i am, next will be to bring the other parts to the same level… oh, i finished his pistol too, i will show that soon … 🙂



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