portrait of … ? – 03

i started roughing out the big parts of his clothing,,, and i hope you can already see in which direction i am aiming, even though everything is still very rough. can you tell now who this might be? …
on a more technical side. note that i use the body underneath only for having a guide. i do not transform the body into clothing, so to say, as i would loose my guide along the way. rather i put extra cubes on top, and sculpt them into the desired cloth. i do combine some, like the blouse and the vest is one piece, to not get hundreds of meshes in the end… this way, if uncertain about forms, i can always turn wireframemode on, and see where the body underneath is, and this way i can judge if my clothing still “fits”… it also ensures that my character will have the correct body proportions, since that is what i established in the body sculpt. now i do not need worry about this anymore, just i need care for that the clothing fits onto the rough body… it is always easier to separate difficult tasks.



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