portrait of … ? – 02

today, i refined his head a little and roughed out his body, so that i can know where to sculpt the clothes. i will sculpt this time in this neutral pose to make use of symmetry to save time. then i pose later, and refine after posing …



2 thoughts on “portrait of … ? – 02

  1. I tried to leave a direct reply… but I guess that’s one of WordPress’ shortcomings.
    All we can do is practise and refine our techniques, and you’ve got a *very good idea of muscular form that I’m still trying to get.
    I should post some of mine, but my current obsession is trying to get shoes right… LMAO, I realise that’s a small part of a character, but I think that they’re one small part of overall detail that *if I can do something good, then the rest of the clothing will follow, and it seems to.
    Keep up the good work! I get distracted by trying to get my creations game-ready, but I don’t contribute to any projects, so I know I need to concentrate on overall technique more,
    I’m also trying to produce some art for my writing projects (fantasy and scifi books) but the task is considerable. Technology has come a long way in the last ten years but, no matter what the developing artist’s aims, the practice is still

    • hi jim. very well said 🙂 … oh, the muscular form, my anatomy knowledge is still not stellar, but i refined it a lot when i did the sculptcookie tutorial series on sculpting a figure. trying to explain things to someone else always gives a good boost in the own knowledge 🙂 i love that 🙂
      i think it is good to concentrate on one task, like you do with creating good shoes. i know i struggled quite a lot with my first ones, but now i can use what i learned a long the way for other items too, that have similar problems. you will see that what you already imagine will come true. good luck with your projects! and thanks for commenting. it means a lot to me.

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