precious – 03

so, here is the last step of sculpting i can do in blender, the next has to be done in zbrush.

i really wish the developpers of blender would care about viewport performance while sculpting! admittedly, it is better than in the beginnings of dynatopo, and enough for a headsculpt, but for a full figure which needs naturally a lot more polygons, it is not enough. the viewport now “trembles” when zooming in, so it is hard to work with, and really hinders the sculpting fun 😦 and, as the image below shows, the polygons are still quite big and dont allow sculpting finer details, the meshes have to get a mch higher polygin count, but blender simply makes sculpting with such needed polygoncount a nerv wrecking experience …

the other point that forces me to switch now to zbrush, is that blender has no abilties to save masks in dynatopo, like zbrush’s polygroups. sculpting these close arms (or the fingers!) without fixed masks or polygroups help is insane, since it is hard to separate the arms by masks and thus timeconsuming. one wants to do this only once, and not 10 times or more…. i know, there are some work arounds, like selecting the area to be masked in edit mode, create a vertexgroup of it, and hide it, then jump back to sculpting, and sculpt. the problem here is the hidden part is not visible, but of course need be for judging what i do,,,and these vertex groups will no longer do the job when really sculpting over this area… sigh… so, i will now goz the whole to zbrush, and finish there. then goz back to blender for final rendering… i wish i not had to do this, blenders sculpting brushes and dynatopo is much better than zbrush, for my taste anyway…

the colors are only for sculpting, to better see penetration of meshes, so please ignore them 😉 …



4 thoughts on “precious – 03

  1. Hi, nice work there. I working with blender and zbrush every day, but to be honest I prefer zbrush for sculpting and blender for poly modelling. What intrigue me is your statement “blenders sculpting brushes and dynatopo is much better than zbrush”, can agree for dynatopo, anyway I must use zbrush dynamesh like power Boolean tool, but why the blender brush is better? Can you elaborate?

    • hi francesco. a difficult question, as sculpting has a lot to do with feeling. but i try.
      first, dynatopo feels much more like using real clay than zbrush dynamesh, since in dynatopo the polygons are created newly under your stroke, and not just “displace” like in dynamesh. when you make your stroke you see what you get. in dynamesh, depending on resolution of course, it might change after letting recalculate the dynamesh to get rid of stretched polygons… sculpting deep tight cuts is much easier in dynatopo than in dynamesh. i mean like you want sculpt two fingers slightly separated but not touching and you start from a rectangular form that presentes the two finges still glued together. to me, it is quite a hassle to do that in dynamesh. its quite easy in blender.
      then the brushes. in blender, i use only claystrips brush, crease, snakehook and scrapebrush for 98% of the work. in zbrush i use as equivalents, claybuildup, damstandard, move topological and trim dynamic. i use essentially the standard settings, with a few minor modifications… claystrips versus claybuildup: claystrips works much better with low polygon count, as i use in the beginning of the sculpting. i never liked to start from a highly subdivided sphere or cube. i grow the polycount when i need more for the sculpting… claystrips reacts better to pressure. crease versus dam-standard brush. here i like that crease brush is not so extrem in the cuts, much better for blocking in forms. scrapebrush versus trimdynamic. scrapebrush feels more like you remove unevenness on the surface like you do in real clay. i use trimdynamic for the same task, but it shapes too much for my taste. that said, i use the scrapebrush for shaping too, and for smoothing the mesh, as i very rarely really use smooth functionality… when i sculpt in zbrush, i always feel i get only decent sculpts when i smooth a lot, but then i loose subtle forms which i need rebuild. it might well be, that i never learned how to do it well, though… in blender i get nice smooth forms just by using claystrips and scrapebrush in combination, and i have lots control over the form….
      having said all that, a big impact has always that in blender i sculpt almost exclusively in dynatopo. in multires sculpting, the brushes loose some of their good feeling, as multires sculpting is same like in zbrush only “displacing” the polygons under your brush stroke… still, i like blender brushes a tad better in multires than brushes in zbrush using subdivisions… as i said, highly personal…

  2. Thanks for your answer. Probably I have not so much experience in blender sculpting, but in my few attempt I found the bush lesser precise (cannot explain better my feeling about) and in general a slow sculpt workflow compared to zbrush (probably because I’m addicted to zbrush navigation and shortcuts.
    Agree, dynatopo is very nice features, but the resulted mesh have a very strange appeal, lesser “smooth” for my taste. Probably need to start studying better blender sculpt and try to complete an entire project from start to finish.

    • francesco, you are right. smoothness is not the strength of dynatopo, but not need be. because it is used mainly for the roughing out, for finding the shapes and forms. and for this, it is far superioir than dynamesh.. after this, you need sculpt precise, then you go to zbrush, or use blenders multires, if you dare … i think, it is good to mix tools, but every person is different and needs find his own way..
      slow sculpt? disable autosave, and save by hand. you will be surprised about performance boost…

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