cyborg woman – 09

ok, here she is… i think finished…



5 thoughts on “cyborg woman – 09

    • thank you greg 🙂 yes, i thought i could not leave her just on a plain backgound as i often do with my portraits. glad you like it… yes, blender has volumetric lightning, but so far i don’t know how to use it. so this image has no volumetric lightning, the impression was done in photoshop ;-).

  1. Great Job!! I’m feasting my eyes on the intricate details…the cables and tubes give it metallic and weighty feel. The face & eyes have a mannequin-like appearance…gives off a haunting feel…certainly not an innocent bot. She seems to be projecting the feeling that…”I will serve and do humans good–according to my standards.”

    • thank you mark! i am glad i could push this project to finish, towards the end it was quite hard. so, i am really happy to read your interpretation, it was worth all the effort 🙂

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