cyborg woman – 08

big changes 🙂 i changed the colorscheme completely (but still can go back to the old one, or even try a different one, since i did this via a rgb curves node in the material), added scratches and dirt, as suggested in the comments by mark 🙂 thank you for that, mark. yes, this is very good for making it read as metal. … i painted the color texture for the skin in zbrush (first time in this project that i used zbrush…). the skin still needs at least a specularity map, as this overall glossy makes it odd. but i paint that next… and, i added lashes, and eyebrow… and trying to fix the composition. might get some tweaks but this is about how i want go with the final… and, then i need add a background, of course… so, still wip, still a lot to do, but getting closer to final now 🙂



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