cyborg woman – 07

today, i noticed that my nice uv-layout was not working for the cables, as these were still one part with array and curve modifiers. this made a mess when i tried baking ambient occlusion map 😦 … so, i had to rework these 😦 … but i succeded 🙂 and here is a first test with texture for the metal parts… not sure, it looks too much like plastic, it should read as metal…


what do you think? are the colors too dark?


2 thoughts on “cyborg woman – 07

  1. Hi Doris…first of all …I continue to admire your prolific artistic energy output.
    My humble opinion:
    I don’t feel its too dark at all, but perhaps a bit dull? It is at risk looking like a plastic toy at Toys ‘R Us store.
    Perhaps too clean, too perfect is what makes it look toy-ish. Perhaps work in a little dirt and scratches, oil leak, etc.

    On the other extreme is making the material high gloss and clean:…more specularity on the cables?

    I also think the locking mechanism for the shoulder pads conjures up ancient chicken barn technology

    Please don’t be upset at my comments…I’m only brainstorming… 🙂

    • i am not upset at all, mark, quite the contrary, i am happy for receiving your input 🙂
      yes, scratches and a little dirt is good, and, i must admit, i changed the colorscheme already, i did not want so cold look… hehe, chicken barn, lol,, but i like them, so maybe she keeps them as memory to long forgotten time… 😉 big thanks for your input, i very appreciate it 🙂

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