cyborg woman – 04

progress is very slow now, but i have the modeling (almost) complete. maybe adding some more screws, and the helmet needs some detail… so, here is a big image so that you can see all the details (please click and then use zoom to enlarge). next will be projecting the sculpted face onto the retopo face, and then making uv’s for all these meshes … she is now 4.5 million polygons, and it wil get even higher when i subdivide the humanside head for projecting… anyway, i hope you like so far. if you see mistakes, like floating things, please let me know, i really start having a hard time seeing all these things as there are so many to look after…



2 thoughts on “cyborg woman – 04

  1. Hey hey hey…those cables looks far more avant-garde to the era. Another idea is make the face transparent glass-like (or partial) so that you can see the bionic insides. Oh…and what are those zig-zag lines down by the arm pits? If they’re cables, maybe make them gleaming fiberglass cables with data light-bits speeding thru them? Hmmm…lots of fascinating possibilities. 🙂
    And…what century would you estimate this bot to be in?

    • glad you like the cables now, mark. i like them much better too 🙂 …ha, you have many good ideas…yes, these zigzag lines are supposed to be electrictiy cables, so i should need work more to make the clear…
      huh, i don’t know about the century, never thought of that. i am actually quite unfamiliar with the whole sci-fy genre, and it shows i suppose… lol

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