cyborg woman – 02

i think the concept sculpt i did yesterday is interesting. so i want develop it further. however, it consists besides the cables already of two dynatopo meshes, each weighing in with more than 900 k polygons. blender is screeming already on this polycount 😦 … it is still possible to sculpt, but patience is needed. not good when i am so excited to push the work further… i already splitted the mesh from one into two to reduce the load on blender, but to be able to really polish the design, and get more tiny details, i need go the route of retopo. the benefit will be, that i also can paint textures then 🙂 that is what i started today. the retopo of the organic part is finished, the machine part is partly done. so, here is how far i am, good old hand retopo 🙂 … zen, zen … 🙂



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