concept cyborg woman

a friend made on a forum a remark to my work. i was so excited to visualise my idea that popped immediately into my head when i read his remark, that i worked whole day like frentic… so here is my concept of a cyborg woman, at least what i got so far … i know quite unusual topic for me, but i had loads of fun 🙂



8 thoughts on “concept cyborg woman

  1. I would love to see it in full glorious colour, striding down a dark corridor, the odd stream of white-blue from a fluorescent ship-light lighting up one side of her. 🙂

    • hehe, i knew you would have ideas, greg 🙂 … i am working on her right now, doing retopo, to be able to push the design further and paint texture maps. but walking in a corridor will not be possible, as the model is cut off, it is only there what you see, she has no feet, no hands… poor cyborg… 😉

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