more portrait fun 🙂



2 thoughts on “hey

  1. Hello Doris, You’re getting faster and faster. Do you work on this all day every day? I find that I think too much and I stare at my project for a long time before I add a small progress. I need to keep moving and improve efficiency.

    • hello mark 🙂
      yes, i sculpt every day, and also several hours, but not the whole day 😉 … this is true, when you think too much while working at a project, it hinders. i do the thinking before i actually start, when i collect the reference images i need for realising my idea. and at this time i also decide how i try to tackle each part (i.e. sculpting, mesh modeling, hair by particles or sculpted etc), and if i need some further info like a tutorial for that. if so, i first get this info, and make sure i can apply it.. then i jump into the project, and “stop thinking” but follow my goal as best as i can. and, i take happy accidents when they occur as a good thing and not force them away …

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