myst island – 09

and 3 more… i hope you still enjoy 😉





6 thoughts on “myst island – 09

    • thank you greg. oh, actually, i think you could… when you look at the buildings for example the star observatory. you see it is made from a cylinder, and made some extrusions. added more cylinders with extrusions for the columns.. and added a box with extrusions for the door. the roof is simply half of a sphere a little scaled in height down. see? every part is easy. together they look more complicated… if you want try and need help with some tips, just let me know 🙂

      • I will share with you (and other readers of your blog) a secret – Blender confuses me. I know that this sounds crazy considering all I can do with other applications – but I just find the user interface incredibly user unfriendly. Could you please recommend a really good tutorial on its use? 🙂

        • greg, you are not alone. it was for me too. blenders ui is awful, and it takes a lot of time to get used to it. i needed several days to be able to only navigate in the viewport… as i do not know what you already know about blender, the one i suggest might be not what you need, but it covers the first essential things, and blender cookie has good tutorials
          there are more free tutorials.
          another option is maybe to use a different program. do you know wings3d? i had used that before blender for modeling, i liked it, and to me it feeled easier to get into this.

          • Thanks Doris. I’ve started watching these and already I am discovering stuff I did not know (e.g. use of shift button!). Thanks for this. Once I can do something I will show you 🙂 Thanks again. 🙂 I do know of Wings3d but never used it. I will give it a look 🙂 Ta 🙂

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