myst island – 01

do you remember my odd zmodeler model, which i did with no plans? it did inspire greg long so much, that i gave him the model, and he came up with this! amazing how it changed in appearance and meaning :-)… his image did remind me so much of the adventure game myst by cyan, that it kept in my mind bouncing around. so i was inspired. thank you greg!

and now i try therefore to create myst island. i will try to be faithful to the geography, i am not sure yet if i really will copy exactely, or stray away from the original at some point. in either case it will be fan art πŸ™‚ … anyway, this will become my first landscape piece, and i began blocking in the main elements today:




5 thoughts on “myst island – 01

  1. Thankyou!!! I must admit that i too loved Myst when it came out 22 years ago. The beauty of each screenshot was astonishing and inspirational. I really look forward to this enterprise ☺

      • I think that had not Romero and Carmack so changed the foundations of 3D gaming with DOOM etc that beautiful games such as MYST would have directed their development. πŸ™‚

        • hmm, i think, myst and other adventure games have always a hard time besides games with shooting, and action. myst is a puzzle game with a quiet mood, it occurs to me not that many people want play such “boring” like puzzles, but rather ran around and shoot and fight… not my world, and i might be wrong, as i do not know doom, just from saying…

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