portrait of angela merkel – 05 – finished

so, here is my portrait of angela merkel. as you can see, i decided differently on her jacket. i added more hairsystems, to get the “tamed” randomness of stray hairs. i also added an armature to pose her, i know it is just a bit away from the original stiff pose, but to me it added to the image… finally after rendering in cycles, i did a slight postprocessing in photoshop, mainly color correction, vignette and signature.


it was fun to try to do a portrait in a realistic way, opposed to the clay or marble portraits i am used to do. it turned out, not surprisingly though, that it is much harder. one problem was to get hair and skin colors right, as i have not seen angela merkel in person, and for example hair color looks very different on different fotos. i understand that it also is influenced by the lightning condition in which the foto was taken. so, i hope, my choices are ok. and i hope you like my attempt.


4 thoughts on “portrait of angela merkel – 05 – finished

  1. Hey!

    This is a great portrait. I’d like to ask you for the usage of the 3D image, because I’m doing some art project with Merkel butt plug, so your work could be very helpful for me.
    I’d just transform the portrait into existing 3D plug object, so it would change a bit. I can mention you in the representing the final object, but if it’s too much to ask, I understand.


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